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Our Class Celebration

Our Class Celebration on PhotoPeach

Well it is our last week together. You have been a fantastic class full of personality and you have been so enthusiastic with everything. We have done some fantastic things especially Ghyll Head. You have also worked really hard and achieved great SATs results and are now ready to move on to Secondary school. Let’s enjoy our last week together on your Leaver’s Assembly and disco. Leave a message – memories from this year, thoughts about Brookburn, final thoughts etc… I will miss you in Team Taylor! 🙁

Mrs Alcock Leaving Messages

Farewell Mrs A 🙁 on PhotoPeach

Unfortunately Mrs Alcock is leaving Brookburn at the same time as Year 6. She has not only supported individual children but lots more in the classes over the past few years. She has been a massive help to us all in our learning, doing displays etc and especially giving up her time to come with us to Ghyll Head for three years. We are very sad to loose her and we hope she will be sent back from Lancasterian School to us very soon. Please leave a messgae for Mrs A.

Charity Water Walk

Charity Water Walk on PhotoPeach

We have been working with Mrs McKessy in our PSHE lessons on how children in Africa have to walk many kilometres to get clean water. We decided to do a sponsored walk to raise money for Oxfam and Save the Children. Having measured the distance of the field we worked out how many times we would need to walk round to replicate the distance – we even split this up with the other two Year 5/6 classes. After 10 times round carrying buckets of water you can see how exhausted we all are! Please give generously.

Ghyll Head Talent Show!

Ghyll Head Talent Show on PhotoPeach

On Thursday night we had a party for our last night and for Gurdev’s Birthday. We had a big talent show wonderfully compered by Dougie. Some great acts particularly the singing and dancing. Mrs E gave out medals to the winners as well as 2nd and 3rd place. Our winners were the Dancing Girls who had practised loads, had co-ordinated outfits and sang as well as danced. Well done!

Ghyll Head – Bonfire – A Mr Sumner Special!

Ghyll Head – Bonfire! on PhotoPeach

Mr Sumner did one of his legendary Bonfires, a big thanks to him. We all had a great time toasting marshmallows and telling spooky stories round the fire.

Ghyll Head – Random Mix 2

Ghyll Head – Random Mix 2 on PhotoPeach

A big thanks to Mrs A, Mrs McKessy, Mrs ‘MORNING!’ Efstathiou for coming with myself and Mrs Kinch – all superstars! We had lots of visitors this year including Miss Ferris, Mr Sumner, Mrs Vyas and Mrs Williams and lil Lucy, all had a great GH experience.

Ghyll Head Random Mix 1

Ghyll Head – Random Mix 1 on PhotoPeach

Wow, what a fantastic week at Ghyll Head, so much so that the general opinion was to have a weekend at home and then go back! We faced challenges and gave it our all in a selection of things like caving, rowing, sailing, abseiling, ghyll scrambling, zip wire, climbing and orienteering. We had lots of fun in the evening too, lovely food and had loads of space for 42 children to run around in. What was your best bit? Share your thoughts about Ghyll Head…

FAB Day (Fun At Brookburn – Open Day)

FAB Day! on PhotoPeach

Visitors were invited in to the school for the day. We had some visitors join us to learn how to play the steel drums and how to blog in our ICT Suite. See our visitors blogs below for some messages. We also had a rugby coach in and had great time learning rugby training skills.

School Grounds Week (3 days actually!)

School Grounds Week on PhotoPeach

We had lots of fun pond dipping (even finding a newt!) and orienteering.

Visitors blog…

What are your thoughts about FAB day? Blogging? Year 6 in general? Have a go at blogging here….